18 Apr

Top 3 Ways to the Lowest Auto Insurance Quote

Auto Insurance

Always Compare First

We’ve seen all the adverts, read all the advertisements, and have gone through endless google searching looking for the lowest auto insurance quote. However, by the end we are often too exhausted to compare every single quote we get. What ends up happening is that a side ad catches your attention and then bam, you sign up, glad that you got this chore off of your shoulders. What started out as a venture to get the lowest price on auto insurance, ends up being a competition on which company can grab your attention first with their ad to seal the deal. That’s not what we wanted because we’ll often end up paying more than we would normally. Here we’ll show you what to do to ensure the lowest price on auto insurance.

Comparing will give you the best shot at finding the lowest price. What’s the best way to do this you may ask? Well that requires a very simple answer, the internet, mainly google, but we’ll cut to the chase quick and recommend to very useful tools. The first is Bankrate insurance quote calculator. You may know Bankrate as the encyclopedia of the financial world but that’s not the only thing they do, there you’re likely to find much more. There comparison is very useful because it provides you with one of the widest range of insurers with highly competitive prices. The second tool we would recommend using is Nerdwallet’s auto insurance comparison tool. Nerdwallet is the go to site for when it comes to credit cards and checking credit scores. The fact that they are well established and are very reputable puts them on our recommend list. Furthermore, they’ll give you a wide range of insurers at the lowest possible price. It comes down to preference when it comes to these types of sites. Try both out, see which one you like and then go from there.


Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

Now with gas prices being as high as they are, chances are you may have cut down on the amount you’re driving. Perhaps you’ve started commuting to work or school on public transit or by bike, or simply walking. This obviously means you have cut down the amount of mileage you’re putting on your car. This puts you in a very good spot, companies are now starting to offer different insurance plans to drivers who are using less miles. Ultimately, what this means for you is insurance premiums that are often 25% to 50% cheaper than your traditional auto insurance. There are two companies that are currently offering this services to their customers. Those two companies are Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. and GMAC insurance. Obviously, you’ll want to check if they are available in your state or area before you cancel your traditional insurance.Cost by Age

This is a great way to save money. Most people do not know about this service and are thus missing out on all of the potential savings that this could afford them. As more and more people decrease the amount they drive, usage based pricing is catching on more and more as it is saving people large amounts of money. However, there are a few things to consider before you take the plunge and decide that pay-as-you-go insurance is the way to go for you.

Things you’ll have to look out for is to make sure you are considering the amount you drive. Like we’ve stated before, those who are driving less are going to benefit more from this type of program. Now, what you may be thinking is, well how are these companies going to be tracking my driving? That’s a great question because it leads up to our next point, you’ll have to be aware of what kind of technology you’re riding around in. Are you equipped with the latest navigation system or are you riding around in an early-2000 Honda Civic? This is another important point to consider, as having something like an early-2000 Civic is going to require you to fork over a little more cash than usual. Next, driving over the mileage allotted by your plan could have you paying extra fees. This is something that goes back to our main point, which is you have to be certain about the miles you’re putting on your car. The last two things are rather self-explanatory but worth pointing out are, that your insurance company may collect other data on your driving habits and that while this is a great program it may not be available in your state or place of residence.


Take Advantage of Available Discounts

For example if it’s been X amount of years since your last auto collision some companies may offer discounts for being a “good driver.” Perhaps you’ve taken a defensive driving courDiscountsse, many insurance will also take that into consideration when you’re applying for insurance coverage. Also, if you’re looking for insurance coverage for a teenager you can often show them their grades and get a great discount. Also, if you have a son or daughter that is off to college, and they’ve left their vehicle vacated you can often leave the insurance policy on vacation so that you’re not stuck paying a premium. Some other places to look for possible discounts are:

  1. Security Apparatuses
  2. Choosing the same company for different insurance policies
  3. Children in college
  4. Taking defensive driving courses
  5. Positive credit rating
  6. Children with good grades
  7. No moving citations
  8. Insuring more than 1 car with the same company
  9. Choosing a higher deductible
  10. Taking a driver’s Ed course

These are all great ways to take advantage of different discounts that a whole slew of different companies may offer. The best thing to do with this information is, when you’re calling around, ask them about ALL the discounts they offer. This way you’ll be informed of any offers they have and whether or not it makes sense to climb on board with them.


Choosing the “right” auto insurance is tough. Having to decide between coverage, companies, and other miscellaneous factors can muddle the process. However, with these tips you can be sure that you’ll have the right tools to make the best informed decision.

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