28 May

Nitecore-MH20, What’s it Have to Do With my Car?


At one point or another we’ve all been there, trying to change the oil or add some coolant or water under the hood. While it’s great to do all these fixes yourself, in the comfort of your own home or garage there is one thing that could be universally detrimental: lighting. In my case the lighting in my garage is subpar, so subpar in fact that I had to start looking for alternate sources of lighting. I tried a lamp, but the lighting was way too dispersed. A flashlight provided good focused lighting but it was too much of hassle to carry around with me with all the other tools in hand.


After days of searching, I came upon this nifty website, BestLight. BestLight sales all things lights, anything you can think of, from lighting apparatuses for hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing, et cetera. After searching and doing research of my own the NiteCore MH20 practically took a springboard off my page and was screaming at me to pick it up. The clip allowed me to place it on the brim of my hat, which allowed me the ability to keep my hands free. Something I wasn’t able to do with flashlights. At the same time it gave me a great focused beam that clearly illuminated everything I wanted to see.


The other stand out point of the NiteCore MH20 was its size. I can honestly say I was surprised when I first got it, it was extremely compact which allowed me to haul it around in my pockets. Not to mention it has great style and it has superb functionality. How many flashlights out there can actually be recharged in between uses via a USB cord? It allowed me to keep it recharging inside of my car while I was not using, which is a huge plus because I’m known to lose things a lot. I’m honestly so glad that I found BestLight, I know I’ll never go blind in my garage due to the lack of lighting. Now, if only I could find a way to tether my wrenches in my pocket.

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